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Dogs and cats are sensitive, delicate animals.
However, it is difficult for us to know how they feel.
The Paw Patch is on your side.
You can check your companion animal's stress level easily and this will help you make your pet's life more comfortable.
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Paw Patch 10 patches
Use a towel to wipe any dirt off the dog's or cat's paw.
Open the package. Peel the round patch off the base paper and stick it onto a clean paw.
Three minutes later, read the result by comparing the color in the center of the patch with the color indicator chart around the center circle.
*It may take about 30 minutes to get results if the examinee has never taken alcohol.
*Read instructions carefully before use.

* Use immediately after opening the aluminum sachet.
* Do not leave the product in direct sunlight or exposed to high temperatures for a long time.
* Keep out of the reach of children.
* Do not use the product for any other purposes than those specified. Do not disassemble the patches.
* If the diameter of the pet's paw is less than 1 cm, you might not be able to get a proper reading.
* Discontinue the use of this product if any skin disorder occurs, such as inflammation, itching or rash, due to the application of the product, and consult a veterinarian.
* Do not apply the product over wounds, eczema, rashes or other skin disorders.
* If the product remains on for more than 3 minutes, you might not get a proper reading.
* The owner should be present all the while that the product is applied to the pet, to be sure the dog or cat doesn't eat the product.

* This product is not intended to reveal anything concerning the state of health of your dog or cat.
Paw Patch | Stress-Level Checker | Alcohol Tolerance Test Patch | Skin Moisture Checker
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