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Skin Moisture Checker 5 patches
If you want to keep fresh and youthful skin, you must make sure what is the most appropriate treatment for your skin.  You can know your skin condition with the checker before and after skin treatment with various lotions and creams: you will be able to choose the best skin care treatment for you skin.
Take the patch out of the package and remove the white protection film. Stick the patch on the area of skin you want to check for 5 to 10 minutes. Compare the color in the left window of the patch with the color index.

* For person under 15 years of age, wait for 30-40 minutes to get results.
◎By applying two patches on a forearm, you can compare efficacy of different skin care lotions or skin moistening creams at the same time.  Can also be used to check the efficacy of bath salts or supplements by applying to the same skin site before and after using such products.
Useful to
check your skin condition
know the efficacy of cosmetic products and moistening creams
check the efficacy of bath salts
check skin chapping caused by seasonal change or laundry detergents.

Use immediately after opening aluminum packaging.
Keep out reach of children.
Do not dismantle or use for any other purpose other than intended by the manufacturer.
If skin irritation, rash, or itchiness occurs due to use of the product, immediately stop use and consult a physician.
Do not apply on cuts, wounds, eczema, rashes or other skin disorders.
Use only when skin is completely dry.
Do not use inside the mouth or on areas where rashes or swelling is present.
When testing the efficacy of foundation, cosmetics and other moisture skin care product, make sure the patches are applied to areas close to each other.

Use in places where one is less prone to perspire.
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