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About us

Company Name Life Care Giken Inc.
Company Address 2-4-15 Ton-ya Machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture 930-0834, Japan TEL: 076-411-0201 FAX:076-451-2610
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Date founded June 5, 1997
Chairman Hideharu Yokoi Ph.D.
Capital funds 25 million yen
Business Description Research, development, and production of new medicines and medical supplies in the health care field.

June 1997 Life Care Giken Inc.. founded in Kamiichi Machi Toyama with the capital of 10 million yen
May 1998 Portable sanitary washer, “Wash Care” marketed for sale
December 1998 Toyama office established. (2-4-4 Tachiide Bldg., Toyama City)
October 1999 Non-woven cloth for long-lasting cooling sheets marketed for sale
October 2001 Non-woven cloth for wet masks marketed for sale
February 2002 Research partnership with Toyama Medical & Pharmaceutical University, Medical Department initiated
March 2002 Subsidized Research partnership with Toyama Prefecture Industry-University Cooperation Agency initiated
July 2002 Officially recognized as Small & Medium sized business Creative Planning Industry
August 2002 Capital funds increase to 20 million yen
December 2002 50 million yen corporate bonds issued
July 2003 Main factory established in Tonya Machi, Toyama City
August 2003 Alcohol Disposition Tester Patch marketed for sale
October 2003 Skin moisture indicator marketed for sale
December 2004 Skin moisture checker marketed for sale
February 2005 Capital funds increase to 25 million yen
June 2005 Skin fat checker marketed for sale
June 2005 Skin fat ph checker marketed for sale
May 2006 Relax-Level Checker

Alfresa Pharma Corporation
Overseas Division
e-mail :
TEL : +81-3-5695-4192 FAX : +81-3-5695-4193

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